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wtul news - bob rod and critical mass new orleans

Bob Rod sits down with us to discuss the death of Gerik Geck, the community response, and the rebirth of Critical Mass in New Orleans. riders are encouraged to meet today (fri jul 25) at jackson sq at 6pm for an hour long ride, with a moment of silence for the slain cyclist at st claude and elysian fields.

Anneke Dunbar-Ghronke speaks to WTUL News and Views about the recent public forum hosted by the OPPRC regarding how the green space in the Prison Complex should be used in order to best serve the community. Features speakers Desiree Evans and Nate Faulk.


Upcoming Criminal Justice Committee Meeting today, July 23rd at 1pm

On Thursday July 17, a bicyclist was killed riding in the bike lane on St. Claude Ave at the intersection of Elysian Fields Ave.

Victor Pizarro is a longtime bicycle advocate in New Orleans and was also an eyewitness to the incident. He joined us on WTUL News & Views less than 24 hours after witnessing this violent death, when a large tractor trailer truck suddenly ran over the bicyclist.

ADVISORY: this interview features graphic descriptions of a violent death and may be triggering or upsetting for listeners.

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WTUL News and Views speak with Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs about her myriad of projects uplifting the voices of black feminist writers, poets, musicians, and more. Includes and excerpt from her project, Black Feminist Breathing, and an update about the upcoming film, When We Free that she is producing this summer.

To connect, visit: http://blackfeministbreathing.tumblr.com




wtul news - natasha noordhoff GRN at 20

Natasha Noordhoff spoke to us on Gulf Restoration Network’s 20 years of advocacy for clean water, healthy wetlands, and whale conservation in one of the oil sacrifice zones of the United States, the Offshore Gulf of Mexico.

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Local New Orleans performer Michaela Harrison comes to talk about her new CD Listen To The Music and her work as a cultural healer.

WTUL News and Views reads from a compilation of articles and first person stories of individual CORE members in Louisiana during the summer of 1964, detailing their experiences and struggles in the effort to register African-Americans to vote.

News and Views speaks to members of the Louisiana Defenders Collective, going over the holes in the criminal justice system that make their services necessary and the particular pressures put on juveniles in the privatization of the public school system, especially the ways formerly standard in-school behavioral problems have become criminalized.


WTUL News interviews Andrew Kleiner and Emily Sweitlick of IRONHORSE Festival prior to their kick-off party at Gasa Gasa. Their festival is a fundraiser benefiting Project ALS - a leading fundraiser for researching a cure the nuero-degenerative disease ALS. The IRONHORSE festival will be May 2015. Total duration is 19:52.

WTUL News -  The Instrument Repair Initiative Benefit Concert

WTUL News and Views interviews Kathryn Rose Wood of the New Orleans based band Social Set. Kathryn talks with WTUL about the Tipitina’s Instrument Repair Program which refurbishes used instruments in order to give New Orleans youth access to like new instruments! Total duration is 13 minutes.

Monique Harden and Jim Raby discuss Walter Cohen School to be built on a toxic waste site in New Orleans and the resistance to this. Also discussed is the legacy of environmental racism. 29 minutes

Last day to register for Welcome Table New Orleans!

We are now accepting sign ups from New Orleans residents interested in participating in one of the Welcome Table New Orleans Groups located across the city. We are looking for:

  • New Orleans residents who are looking to build new relationships and have open, honest, civil, and respectful facilitated discussions about race.
  • Residents who want to work within a group to create projects around New Orleans that will make our city stronger and better.
  • Residents who will be committed to using the Welcome Table New Orleans facilitated process.

We highly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.The sign up period ends on May 21,2014.

We also anticipate that the first Welcome Table Group meetings will be held on May 27,2014 and May 29, 2014, so please be prepared to attend if you are assigned to a Welcome Table New Orleans Group.

If you are interested in a facilitator position, please make sure to indicate your interest in the form below and we will follow up with more information shortly.