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Last day to register for Welcome Table New Orleans!

We are now accepting sign ups from New Orleans residents interested in participating in one of the Welcome Table New Orleans Groups located across the city. We are looking for:

  • New Orleans residents who are looking to build new relationships and have open, honest, civil, and respectful facilitated discussions about race.
  • Residents who want to work within a group to create projects around New Orleans that will make our city stronger and better.
  • Residents who will be committed to using the Welcome Table New Orleans facilitated process.

We highly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.The sign up period ends on May 21,2014.

We also anticipate that the first Welcome Table Group meetings will be held on May 27,2014 and May 29, 2014, so please be prepared to attend if you are assigned to a Welcome Table New Orleans Group.

If you are interested in a facilitator position, please make sure to indicate your interest in the form below and we will follow up with more information shortly.

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